The Most Important Factor in Achieving Your Fitness Goals

I’m nearing the end of my first real bulk and I admit that I’m feeling a little self conscious. I’ve put on about 12 lbs. since the summer, and while I’m pretty disciplined on my own, I wouldn’t have been able to stay committed to my goal without some encouragement and reassurance.

I’m fortunate that my trainer is my husband; not only do I have someone to guide me through the process, but he is my #1 supporter which helps me to feel comfortable even when I’m out of my comfort zone.

I think one of the most important factors to achieving your fitness goals (aside from proper diet and training) is having a good support system. I don’t believe in detox diets but I do believe in detoxing your life and ridding yourself of toxic relationships as much as possible. Fitness is a journey and you don’t need negative people to weigh you down on your path to better health and happiness!

#FitnessMotivation #TrustTheProcess #EyesOnThePrize 


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