Strong is Beautiful

While some might criticize the #StrongIsTheNewSkinny trend as just another aesthetic ideal to obsess over, I personally experienced a huge relief after struggling with my body type for years. Thin had always been “in” and I regret wasting so much time and energy on trying to fit into that mold.

That being said, I love lifting because instead of focusing on losing something (namely an arbitrary number on the scale), the focus is on what I’ve gained. Not only am I physically stronger (it’s nice being able to carry grocery bags and my four-year-old without breaking a sweat), but lifting has greatly enhanced my ability to deal with the daily grind.

And while my mother and I will never see eye to eye on what we consider feminine and beautiful (she despises visible muscle on a woman), I’ve made peace with that, too. To me, strong is beautiful and I feel good about setting a healthy example for my daughters.  

 Working towards skinny is discouraging. Working towards stronger is empowering.” – Natalie Jill

#DefyExpectations #GirlsWhoLift #StrongIsBeautiful


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