Don’t Be a Resolutioner, Be a Goal Digger

As much as I try to stay positive, I admit I have my days when I think, “I should’ve been at my goal weight already,” or “I should’ve hit a new PR by now.” I’ve been on my current #FitnessJourney for a solid year now, and while I’ve made visible progress (working up the nerve to share pics soon!), I know I could have achieved more had I simply “trusted the process” and not freak out about the scale! (Funny thing is, I’ve lost inches but weigh more than when I started. It really is true about muscle weighing more than fat! 😉) Anyhow, this meme just reminded me that rather than getting hung up on what might feel like stalled progress, I should focus on continuously setting new goals to stay motivated and continue moving forward. 

What are YOUR fitness goals for the new year/month/week? 

***I’ll be sharing my stats and goals for 2017 in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!***

#RealTalkTuesday #FitnessMotivation #GoalDigger #ProgressNotPerfection


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